0chain Partners With The NEO Platform

0chain is among the fastest and most flexible zero cost decentralized cloud (dCloud) platform, which can help with IoT (Internet of Things), web applications, decentralized application a.k.a. dApps, and even enterprise applications. Following a recent investment from NEO Global Capital, 0chain has partnered with the NEO platform.

As we all know, NEO is a blockchain project which utilizes the decentralized ledger technology with digital identity for digitizing assets. It also uses smart contracts to help automate the management of digital assets. Overall it works to realize a “smart economy” based on a distributed network.

Now following the partnership, dApps on the NEO blockchain can now move to 0chain’s off-chain dCloud storage platform. This will help to meet the blockchain computational needs. 0chain will also try to optimize dApps performance and create chains to specifically suit their needs.

It is further important to note that the dCloud platform has been busy developing new protocols to significantly improve upon scalability, fast finality, and provide a free, decentralized cloud to its users. Some of its newly developed and unique protocols include 2D-BPoS consensus, self-forking, storage, and inflation protocols.

Here is what Saswata Basu, founder of 0chain had to say about their new partnership with the NEO platform:

“We are excited to work with NEO and their dApp ecosystem to help their needs with a fast, free, and flexible computing and storage platform. With 0chain, dApps can create their own blockchain, achieve decentralized computing, record micro-transactions with fast finality, and have a fast guaranteed storage capability. Best of all, it’s totally free. Unlike traditional cost model, dApps hold tokens for free compute and storage. So, cost becomes an asset.”

The partnership will undoubtedly prove to be helpful for all dApps on the NEO platform. More dApps are also likely to join the NEO platform in hopes of getting the free benefits of 0chain’s dCloud platform to accelerate their growth and development.

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