Roger Ver: Ethereum is Likely to Overtake Bitcoin

Roger Ver is known as one of the earlier adopters of Bitcoin and also a strong supporter of Bitcoin cash. Naturally, the man has seen the digital currencies go through many ups and downs throughout the years. The veteran crypto investor now is of the opinion that ethereum is going to overtake bitcoin.

Just about a year ago, ethereum’s price was set at around $15, and currently, it is at $800. From this, Roger goes on to argue that with all the innovation, transactions, and other stuff happening around ethereum, its prices are only destined to rise.

“If you look at it, ethereum only has to double in price one more time in order to surpass bitcoin’s market cap,” says Roger Ver. Also, in a recent interview, Roger Ver pointed out how bitcoin had been losing the top spot to ethereum in a countless number of metrics.

Primarily, the Bitcoin Core is way behind in terms of the number of transactions per day. Ethereum already has more transaction on a day to day basis than Bitcoin Core, and altcoins also manage to beat Bitcoin Core concerning the volume of exchanges in trade.

Also, Ethereum, along with other altcoins have been way up on other metrics such as innovation, developers, transactions and so on. Roger Ver indicates the transparent reality that Bitcoin is no longer the top cryptocurrency in all these numerous metrics and goes on to proclaim that people are soon going to get a wake-up call when bitcoin loses its top position in overall market cap as well.

When asked about the prospect of ethereum and whether or not it will be able to overtake Bitcoin Core in overall market cap, Roger Ver gives the nod to the prediction, “Yeah, I think it is much more likely than not.”

This is not the first time we are hearing such positive vibes regarding ethereum. Just last year, in May, Silicon Valley VC Fred Wilson also stated that ethereum would overtake bitcoin in terms of market cap.

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