Ethereum Client Geth 1.8 Iceberg Released

The Ethereum Client Geth 1.8 has finally been released by the Ethereum Foundation team. The release is official and will be called as “Iceberg.” The release came after 5 months from the last stable release of 1.7. In this update, they release multiple improvements including performance and 170 modifications to the client.

So, what exactly is Geth? It is a simple command line interface which can be used to implement a full Ethereum node. It is implemented using GO programming language.

The current version 1.8 also comes with devcon3 version of puppeth. According to the team, a lot of changes are also made under the hood which will not be visible right away.

The update also solves issues such as block processing and syncing. These issues were not wide-spread, but according to the team, they needed to iron them out to ensure that it doesn’t propagate into other bugs or future versions.

Peter Szilagyi, tweeted about the update, “Sneak peek Geth 1.8.0 feature: strongly typed contract event filtering and subscriptions natively from ! Please check it out, play with it, provide feedback. API is fluid for now, but will be locked down after release.”

The new v1.8.0 update also solves the Ethereum blockchain storage problems by incorporating in-memory cache for storing trie nodes. New API endpoints have also been introduced which will let developers trace multiple subsequent blocks without overloading and hence locate the chain segments.

The release seems to also catch the attention of Vitalik Buterin who tweeted and congratulated the team on the successful release of the Geth 1.8.

He also tweeted, “Amazing job @peter_szilagyi @zsfelfoldi and others on Geth 1.8!”

Ethereum has shown a lot of promise and is seen the best altcoin. It is the ICO coin and is powering a lot of Dapps on the blockchain. At the time of writing, the price of Ethereum is around $970.


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