Can this Chinese Connection Be the Savior for TRON

With the cryptocurrency market deteriorating each passing day, it is becoming harder than ever for investors and cryptocurrency miners. Prices of every other crypto coin available in the market are only a fraction of what they used to be just a few weeks ago. So the question here arises is that is there any cryptocurrency worth hanging on to? Well, Tron is the answer to it.

What is Tron and what are the perks of it?

Tron(TRX) is blockchain-based platform having a decentralized network through which anyone can freely create content, websites and applications, without depending on centralized services.

Tron’s strong Chinese connections

Tron was created by Justin Sun, a 26 year old self-proclaimed disciple of Alibaba chief executive and billionaire Jack Ma. Justin Sun was also the chief representative of Ripple(XRP), another rising cryptocurrency backed by Google Ventures. And if this is to be believed, then Tron is definitely not going to lose its value in the Chinese market any time soon. And this is undoubtedly great considering the fact that the Chinese market is one of the largest crypto-currency market in the world.

China, being the world’s most populous country, holds a huge number of people in the 18-35 age range, which comprises of most content users of Tron across the globe. And this point alone shows how Tron is not going down any time soon.

Tron also has some big-name partners, which include Peiwo(having more than $10 million registered users, Baofeng(Chinese video hardware and software provider), oBike(the largest bike-sharing company in Singapore, which releases “oCoins” on the Tron platform), UPLive(having 20 million users), Bitmain, Gifto(a virtual blockchain-based gift exchange established by Asian Innovations Group) and a team of developers from Alibaba and Microsoft.

China is a major market for digital coins and has given a clear signal that it won’t ban cryptocurrencies. That being said, Tron is our best pick to invest in(if you are going to invest at all) during a time when the market is going through such a crisis.

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