Before panic selling, see what’s in store for Cryptocurrencies in 2018

The markets are red. We have had blood Monday’s, but now we have a blood Tuesday. Bitcoin and Etherem are hit by 20%. Ripple had the worst fall since reaching All Time High.

The price table looks bad with everything down from 5% to 30%. Still when compared to probably Nov 2017, the prices look quite better.

But if you are a new investor who joined the Cryptocurrency bandwagon in the last 2 months, then you might be feeling the heat and questioning your life choices.

I was glued to our real-time prices and social dashboard and was looking at the news and tweets. There were tweets ranging from “advicing to Hodl” to “I predicted this”. And we know none of them really know what they are talking about. We have few data points and a lot of coins doesn’t even have a working product. So I will not give you advice to hold or say get the hell out of the market already. I just want to list out few positive things coming up in 2018 and make you feel 30% decline after a 1000% increase is nothing.

1. For starters, Cryptocurrency is real. There’s more Cryptocurrency developers than ever. Investors, day traders and venture capitalists are all part of the 50 million strong Hodlers.

2. There’s no country who doesn’t have citizens who doesn’t own Cryptocurrency. CoinSocial gets traffic from over like 50 countries and we are small. China, India, Korea , Japan and the USA have millions of users who are into Cryptocurrency and so it’s not going into the dust just like that.

3. There’s more legitimatacy to Cryptocurrency now than ever. There’s Bitcoin Futures on few of the largest exchanges in the USA. Goldman is planning to build a full Cryptocurrency trading desk in 2018, the largest bank in Japan is planning to launch Cryptocurrencies.

4. ICO’s changed how venture funding works. Now the companies are directly going to the users and selling tokens. This will make sure that there will always be tokens in some form.

5. The Enterprise companies are getting excited about Blockchain and how it can solve problems ranging from instant trade clearing to building smart contracts.

On top of everything, you and I know this is a temporary dip and it’s not even noticable if you forget Dec 2017. So I’d say, the future is not so bleak and you don’t have to lose hope.

These are only few things on the top of my head at the moment. Please feel free to add more in the comments.


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