What is Nucleus Vision ICO?

If you are following the ICO scene, you might have heard about Nucleus Vision. It is one of the hot ICO’s right now.

So, what is Nucleus Vision all about?

Nucleus Vision is an IoT based blockchain solution that empowers retailers by providing them customers data. It works by using contactless identification system. This way, the retailers can simply identify the customer and serve them accordingly.

Interesting, right?

Of course, it is.

If you go through the new ICO’s launching every single day, you will find that half of them are bad ideas. These ICOs have no working product and have no real world implementation.

Nucleus vision is completely different. They have a working product and it is trying to connect the retailers with their customers with the use of latest technology. It is already launched in 10 stores worldwide.

What problem are they solving?

Retail shops don’t have the means to know about the customer when they visit. Only a fraction of the total customers sign into a loyalty program, and still, it is hard for them to leverage the data for fine-tuning customer experience.

How are they solving it?

To solve the problem, Nucleus Vision is going to take advantage of their proprietary IoT sensor ION. So, when a customer enters a shop, he can decide to share his data using his smartphone. Once the customer shares the information using the Nucleus Vision’s blockchain known as ORBIT, the shop now has a customer information.

Also, there is no need to install heavy equipment to make the operation successful. A basic internet connection (3G or 4G) can do the job.

In return, the customer will earn nCash — Nucleus Vision platform cryptocurrency that is used for transaction purposes. nCash also acts as a redemption utility. Yup! Customers can spend nCash to make purchases or buy services.

Three Different Phases

Nucleus Vision Retail(on-going): - In this phase, the technology will power retails all around the world. It is all about In-store customer personalization and identification.

Nucleus Vision Security (2019): The technology will then be expanded to secure physical assets and access control.

Nucleus Vision Powered World(2021): In the last phase, it will be expanded to power health, smart homes, cities, agriculture and transportation.

Team behind Nucleus Vision

The team behind Nucleus Vision is solid. It is lead by Abhishek Pitti, CEO and Founder. He left college to pursue his dream project, Nucleus Vision.

The team consists of 40 members. Among the 40 members, there are 10 blockchain developers, 4 marketers, 9 engineers, 5 data scientist, 11 operations members and 1 IoT platform architect. You can find the full detail about their team here.

Token Details

Token name: Ncash

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Type: ERC 20

Payment Accepted: ETH

Final Thoughts

I love how things are panning out for Nucleus Vision. Their whitelist has already been closed and due to the high demand, they are putting a personal cap on each whitelist member. For those already registered, congratulations! This ICO shows great promise.

For those who missed, it is better to find someone who can you pool with. The team is strong and the idea is even better.

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