New Nvidia Mining GPU Might Launch Sooner Than Expected

Nvidia, the leading manufacturer of video processing hardware, is coming out with a dedicated graphics card for cryptocurrency mining. Named, the P102-100, the card will be based on the popular GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, but will boast extra features centered around mining purposes. These mining centric graphics cards will have a version of the “Pascal” chips we have seen on previous GTX 1080 Ti, and Titan branded cards. These will also be based on the new Volta architecture.

Among other information that has been leaked about the graphics card, includes the use of Inno3D’s Twin X2 cooler design coupled with two fans and five heat pipes. A standard PC bracket will be provided as an added accessory. These cards will also support custom configuration that will let you tweak with memory and faster performance, but won’t come with a video output.

The P102-100 GPUs are also cited to be similar to the P104-100 cards. They will be equipped with CUDA cores 3200 with the base clocked at 1582 MHz. The physical memory will be set to 5 GB GDDR5X type and will come with a 320bit interface and 11Gbps clock. There will also be PCIe GEn1 x4 bus support along with two 8-pin PCI-E connectors. The maximum thermal design power is set to 250 Watt.

The GPU will have a hashrate set to ETH ~47 mhs; ZEC ~660 Sol/s; XMR ~879 hs. The product is mainly optimized for mining Ethash coins. As of now, these are the only details of the crypto mining GPU card. There is no mention of an estimated pricing.

Back in 2017, the demand for GPUs by crypto enthusiasts touched the roof with over 3 million units sold, and a sales figure of $776 million. Both AMD and Nvidia announced plans to increase production to cater to this demand. The later even started preparing for a new “Turning” card dedicated to mining.

However, with the current explosion of regulatory steps taken by governments against cryptocurrency based businesses, demand has diminished. Due to this, it is estimated that Nvidia is coming out with their “Pascal” chip-based P102-100 cards which will be a cheaper alternative to the “Turning” cards.

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