Coinbase Won’t List Ripple: XRP Price Drops

For the last few days, people had their hopes up for Ripple XRP finally getting listed on the San Francisco based digital currency exchange, Coinbase. Alas, like always, Coinbase exclaimed that they had no intention – like before – “to add additional assets.”

Coinbase made investors aware of their intentions through a tweet which caused Ripple prices to drop by 11%. However, in defense of Coinbase, the company never hinted at the possibility of anything like this happening. The rumor started along with the news that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Coinbase COO Asiff Hirji were scheduled to appear on a CNBC program Fast Money.

Based on this people started speculating that this might be the platform where the two companies will announce XRP’s listing on Coinbase. This bullish sentiment even drove Ripple prices up by 16%.

It is peculiar to see how Coinbase is refusing to enlist Ripple time and time again. There has also been a petition-signing where more than twenty thousand people showed interest for Coinbase to add Ripple XRP. But why is the enlisting of Ripple cryptocurrency on Coinbase so sought after?

Well, it primarily begins with the fact that Ripple ranks third in terms of market capital. Also, with products such as xRapid and xCurrent, Ripple is, more often than not, making headlines. Many governments, as well as institutions, are adopting Ripple’s innovative technologies. With all this in light, XRP has a profitable future, and people want to invest in the digital currency.

However, XRP is only available on a handful of exchanges, namely Kraken, Gatehub, and Bitstamp, and they offer marginal quality service. Coinbase is by far the most intuitive and well-designed platform for cryptocurrency trading, especially in the U.S.

And so investors are eagerly waiting for when Ripple XRP will get added to Coinbase. Coinbase, as of now, only allows USD trades in BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH. If XRP was added, then it holds the potential to swap U.S dollars for XRP through a reliable exchange.

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